Spaceback makes it easy to turn your social media posts into paid advertising—here's how they used SimplyPut's AI querying platform to make their company's data more accessible to non-technical stakeholders. Spaceback uses plain language AI data queries

The world of social media and paid advertising can often be two sides of the same coin. Organic social media strategy is an effective channel for reaching your existing users, whereas paid spend can catapult your business to brand new audiences. 

Why not make it easier to bridge these two not-so-disparate marketing channels?

That’s exactly why Casey Saran and Joe Hall started Spaceback in 2018: to make it easy for brands to transform social media posts into production-ready ads. The company was born from the insight that major brands are already spending time and money on a social media strategy, but only reaching their already captured audiences. Spaceback’s clients, such as UGG, CB2, and Brooks Brothers, save on production costs and significantly outperform standard advertisements across billions of ad impressions. 

Core to their business is the need to collect and share high quality campaign performance data to maximize ROI for their clients. We recently caught up with CEO Casey Saran to discuss how SimplyPut transformed their approach to data-driven decision-making.

Spaceback customers include Away, BMW, and the James Bond franchise.

Before launching SimplyPut, teams at Spaceback relied on traditional data visualization tools that required routing custom data requests through data specialists. Without direct SQL experience, this process was not only time-consuming but also created bottlenecks, especially for complex queries that were not supported by pre-built reports. 

Unblocking founders’ access with AI data queries

With SimplyPut, Spaceback shifted from static dashboards to real-time data interaction, enabling the team to pull data swiftly during meetings and discussions, thereby reducing the response time from days to minutes. By using SimplyPut’s AI data tools to query their data directly, Spaceback could move much faster.

“It’s like having a data analyst on call in every conversation, ready to provide insights at a moment’s notice,” Casey Saran, CEO of Spaceback .

SimplyPut speeds up back and forth where having data as part of the conversation is helpful. This is a huge time saver for us. I have answers to questions at my fingertips — I’m in our database by being in our Slack account. This unlocks real time answers to questions while I’m in conversations with others. Beyond saving me a few minutes of time to pull up reports & dashboards, it has the effect of rapidly unblocking others in the organizations that would otherwise be waiting on a response from me,” Casey reflected. 

Spaceback turns your social posts into engaging paid advertising.

The shift to querying data using AI significantly accelerated decision-making and empowered team members to satisfy their data curiosity independently, without the need to rely on specialists. “We want to make it so our team can more easily answer questions that pop into their heads about our business. Anyone who is curious can scratch a data itch with SimplyPut, and their curiosity can lead to further curiosity, without needing extensive technical knowledge or to bug other more technical teammates to progress their curiosity.”

Looking ahead, Spaceback and SimplyPut are exploring opportunities to deepen their partnership by integrating AI capabilities into more customer workflows. As Spaceback continues to grow and innovate, SimplyPut will be there to support its data-driven decision-making and empower its team to deepen their curiosity. 

Stephen is a SimplyPut Co-Founder and former data scientist and analytics manager at Atlassian. He is passionate about all things data and excited to be working on SimplyPut to enable everyone to answer their data questions.