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Explore the Platform unlock your
organization’s data

Features to simplify access to data while enabling trust in answers

Step 1

connect your data

There's no huge implementation effort. Just enter your connection details, and a few clicks later, your data is ready to access.

Step 2

onboard your organization

Invite team members to give them access to the web app, or simply install our Slack integration.

  • get data answers in the web app or in Slack

    Let users choose the easiest place to ask questions for their workflows. Any users in Slack can start asking questions without needing to sign up!

  • Data Graph and Chart

    get back actionable answers

    Download or filter data tables, or create a chart for your presentation using our charting tools.

Step 3

trust everyone can self-serve

Getting data answers is all about trusting those answers are correct. SimplyPut provides tools so data teams don’t need to worry answers are being incorrectly contextualized. Be confident you’re in control.

  • create verified questions

    Surface questions with approved answers from data experts. Everyone can trust the answers they get from verified questions and learn what kinds of questions are possible.

  • Editing and Saving SQL

    edit generated SQL

    We enable data experts to see the SQL generated by SimplyPut and edit it if necessary. That way everyone knows a question will generate the same exact and correct answer every time.

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