Take a deeper dive into how you can enable your team to query your datasets in plain language, and get back trusted and verified results. Bonus! SimplyPut is now available with a free trial. SimplyPut AI data querying in conversational language

“Oh great, more Jira tickets for data requests!” said no one ever.

Let’s face it: All those little requests that constantly flow in to your inbox or pop up in Slack are what’s keeping most data analysts from getting the deep work done required to tackle higher level projects, do in-depth data analysis, and work on the pipelines that keep well-structured, critical business data flowing.

Empowering generative AI data analytics is a new frontier for many data analysts, but by unlocking trusted and secure natural language analytics for businesses, teams from marketing to the C-suite and beyond can get the answers they need to make better business decision faster.

It’s time to ditch the traditional dashboard

For most businesses, data self service happens in a static dashboard that requires data engineers to update, but with SimplyPut anyone can instantly get the answers they need wherever work is taking place, like in Slack. SimplyPut replaces the big clunky dashboard with a more simple streamlined interface that people are already familiar with, charts and graphs included.

SimplyPut conversational AI data query results

Previously, when someone would have a business question they would turn to a clunky (often outdated) dashboard to dig around for an answer. With SimplyPut, a user can just ask a question in plain language and get the answer on the spot. Unlike dashboards, which are static, users can ask SimplyPut follow up questions to dig deeper into the data and even have the AI explain it’s reasoning. Best of all, none of this requires a data analyst to write a whole new set of code.

“SimplyPut speeds up back and forth where having data as part of the conversation is helpful. This is a huge time saver for us. I have answers to questions at my fingertips — I’m in our database by being in our Slack account. This unlocks real time answers to questions while I’m in conversations with others. Beyond saving me a few minutes of time to pull up reports & dashboards, it has the effect of rapidly unblocking others in the organizations that would otherwise be waiting on a response from me,” says Casey Saran, CEO of Spaceback.

AI data query visualization results
SimplyPut AI is now available for a 14 day free trial, no credit card required upfront.

Data that’s safe, answers you can trust

What differentiates SimplyPut from other AI data analytics tools and large language models is the built-in management layer that allows data teams to easily put their contextual knowledge into the AI so that it can quickly understand the dataset. SimplyPut also provides an auditable record that data analysts can verify to trust that the answers are correct.

Data security is also a top priority. That’s why SimplyPut is SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliance, and none of your data will ever be shared with a third-party LLM for training.

“Other tools hallucinate and aren’t usable, whereas I can verify the SQL in SimplyPut and trust the answers the tool delivers. Now my stakeholders get the data they need in seconds. This is the most exciting application of Generative AI I’ve seen to date,” says Jim Jazwiecki, the Chief Technology Officer at Clipper Magazine.

Here’s how it works:

  • Connect your data: Whether your data is stored in a data warehouse, database, or .CSV, simply connect your data source to SimplyPut and the AI will instantly start learning your data’s structure, underlying values, and underlying data types. SimplyPut also seamlessly integrates with DBT and other third party services, enriching the AI with documentation and metadata.
  • Add some instructions: SimplyPut will automatically generate a data dictionary from what it has learned. Any unique elements of your data not captured automatically can be given as Instructions to SimplyPut to tailor answers for your users. This can be anything from guiding the AI to answer with a chart instead of text, to defining specific acronyms for metrics commonly used in your organization.
  • Create verified answers: Help the AI learn faster and most effectively with verified answers. By giving a quick audit of the SQL generated by SimplyPut’s AI your data team can have peace of mind knowing that users are always getting the correct answers.
  • Know your data is safe: Rest assured knowing that your company data will never be used by third party AI platforms to train their models, and that AI generated data and answers provided in SimplyPut are for you and your company’s eyes only.

Want to dig in a little more? Check out our SimplyPut Documentation.

Clipper Magazine CTO uses SimplyPut
SimplyPut AI is now available for a 14 day free trial, no credit card required upfront.

Start talking to your data (and get answers instantly)

Once SimplyPut has learned the dataset and your data team has verified the underlying data dictionary and SQL, it’s time to add some stakeholders to the AI analytics party. Invite users to the web app or add SimplyPut to Slack so that people can ask questions right where the conversation is taking place. Want to go even further and integrate SimplyPut into your own apps and service? There’s an API for that.

SimplyPut AI data verified questions
SimplyPut surfaces verified questions the user can ask of your dataset.

SimplyPut makes it easy for any user to break the ice and get started by allowing them to ask “What do you know about?” The AI will tell the user what data sets they have access to and can even give examples of some questions they can answer.

Verified answers will also display in the UI as example questions that users can click for quick access to some of the most common questions. For those recurring data questions, like “How many items did we sell last week?” scheduled questions allow for those answers to be automatically delivered to your inbox or Slack making sure the most up-to-date information is always at your fingertips.

Enable your team to ask your database questions via a Slack channel!

Empower data self service for better business

As a data analyst, when you unlock data self service by providing no-code solutions like conversational AI, you’re not only making your life easier, you’re giving everyone the opportunity to pursue data with a passion that enables them to discover new ways to help your business thrive.

Of course, don’t just take our word for it.

Another insight from Jim Jazwiecki, the CTO of Clipper Magazine, is that by giving his stakeholders access to all of the data they needed through SimplyPut, they’ve uncovered new markets that never would have been tapped into otherwise. Best of all, they were able to do it all on their own, allowing Jim to focus on the deeper data work that will continue to provide long term benefits for the company.

“That’s actually the beauty of SimplyPut. There was no team involved in the sourcing all of this data. Just me. Not a single engineer was bothered,” says Head of Product, Nicole Woods, who harnessed the power of SimplyPut to uncover these game changing opportunities.

Are you ready to unlock the power of self service AI data analytics? Start a 14-day free trial of SimplyPut today.

Stephen is a SimplyPut Co-Founder and former data scientist and analytics manager at Atlassian. He is passionate about all things data and excited to be working on SimplyPut to enable everyone to answer their data questions.