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about us we understand data is hard

If you're not a data expert, sometimes getting the answer you need feels daunting or frustrating. You might need to ask someone on the data team your question, but you don't want to bother them constantly. Sometimes you're not even sure if they are the right person to ask. You might go to a dashboard or monthly report, but a lot of times the answer isn’t there because those dashboards and reports are too rigid to answer simple questions you might have.

Here at SimplyPut we want everyone to feel confident about self-serving their data questions regardless of technical ability. More than ever, data is the most important tool to drive decision-making at companies, and democratizing data and the ability to get data answers is a key to success.

we started SimplyPut to enable everyone to ask data questions

SimplyPut’s mission is to unlock access to data so anyone can get the answers to their ad hoc questions, and at the same time, data analysts and data scientists can focus on doing in-depth analyses.

SimplyPut allows data analysts and data scientists to pass on the knowledge of data understanding while empowering everyone else to get the verified, correct answers to their questions as soon as the question arises.

simply get the answer

There’s a big opportunity to help organizations get their data questions answered. At SimplyPut we want to simplify the process, so everyone feels getting data answers just involves asking a question.

We could go on and on about this, but instead we'll let the picture below tell the story.

An infographic illustrating two different approaches to data analysis. The top half, labeled 'Most Companies,' shows a figure labeled 'You' with a speech bubble 'How many...?', leading to a convoluted path through groups labeled 'Analysts' and 'Data Engineers' before arriving at a bar chart titled 'The Answer.' The bottom half, labeled ',' shows the same initial figure and speech bubble with a direct line to the same bar chart. Text at the bottom reads '...getting answers into your hands as fast as you can ask it.

let’s figure it out, together.

We think figuring something out, especially when the solution isn't clear or there's a roadblock requires curiosity, humility, good attitude, tenacity, and empathy for customers and teammates. That's how we approach building SimplyPut, working with each other, and working with customers.

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