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Trusted AI data conversations, reports, and insights

Get instant business answers and data analytics wherever work is happening. With SimplyPut, everyone has an AI analyst by their side.

We democratize data. SimplyPut. Unlocking answers in real time
See how Spaceback streamlines data access with SimplyPut

“We needed to elevate our data practice. Now my stakeholders get the data they need in seconds. Other tools hallucinate and aren’t usable, whereas I can verify the SQL in SimplyPut and trust the answers the tool delivers. This is the most exciting application of Generative AI I’ve seen to date.
– Jim Jazwiecki, CTO, Clipper

use AI data analytics to ask any question in plain language

Wherever data discussions are happening, SimplyPut is there.

With SimplyPut anyone can ask their data questions in natural language and get back the right answers without writing a line of code.

Ask follow up questions, dig deeper into key business metrics, and move faster with accurate information always at the ready.

A new BI for the age of AI with automated reports and insights.

Stop digging around for outdated dashboards and start moving faster with data trends, changes, and updates delivered automatically.

SimplyPut’s AI not only keeps you up-to-date on key business metrics, but also provides recommendations on how to turn those insights into action.

data experts leverage AI data analytics to get quick answers

Supercharge your data team (and ditch the endless incoming data requests).

SimplyPut gives data teams the transparency and trust required to effectively utilize the power of AI.

Quickly and efficiently teach SimplyPut’s AI about your company’s specific datasets and unlock data self-service so you can focus on bigger projects.

how it works

  • Step 1

    Connect your data and documentation

    Implement SimplyPut in minutes (not months). Just enter your data source credentials and optionally give access to any data documentation (such as from DBT), and you're good to go.

  • Step 2

    Ask questions, get reliable answers

    Type your question into the web app or connect SimplyPut to Slack and start asking questions. Chat with SimplyPut for deeper understanding, follow-up questions, and team collaboration.

  • Step 3

    Gain deeper insights into your data

    Identify trends, anomalies, and forecasts from trusted data answers with AI generated reports that clearly explain the reasoning and logic behind each insight.

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Free SQL Tools

We believe in building a world of better, more accessible data

Use our free suite of AI powered SQL tools to fix SQL errors, explain SQL queries, and optimize SQL performance so that your business can run faster on data you can trust

AI & data insights from the SimplyPut blog

Catch up on our thoughts about how AI is changing the data landscape. We love to help people be more data-informed and share what we’ve learned over the years.

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