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Explore the Product harness the power of AI analytics for your data

Empowering data teams to enable generative AI analytics across the company (in an efficient and trusted way!)

Step 1

Teach AI about your data

Setting up SimplyPut is very straightforward with a number of data warehouses and databases. It also integrates seamlessly with DBT and other third-party services, bringing in documentation and metadata to enrich what SimplyPut knows about your data. Right after you connect your data warehouse, SimplyPut starts to learn about the dataset, providing accurate and insightful data analysis as soon as it is connected.

Step 3

chat with SimplyPut!

Chat with SimplyPut to ask follow-up questions and gain a deeper understanding of how answers were obtained. Collaborate with your teammates and engage with SimplyPut together.

Get started unlock your data with SimplyPut