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Explore the Product Harness the power of AI analytics for your data

Empowering data teams to enable generative AI analytics, reports, and insights (in a safe and trusted way!)

Step 1

Teach AI about your data

Getting started with SimplyPut is as easy as connecting your data warehouse or database. Right after you connect your data, SimplyPut starts to learn about the dataset, providing accurate and insightful data analysis as soon as it’s connected.

Integrate your documentation and metadata from DBT and other third-party services to enrich what SimplyPut knows about your data.

Step 2

Get trusted answers instantly

As soon as team members enter the web app, SimplyPut conversationally guides them through what the AI knows about their dataset and recommends questions they can ask. Or they can ask the AI, “What do you know?”

  • make data accessible to anyone in your company with SimplyPut AI data analytics

    Avoid data bottlenecks

    Dig deep into your data without a data engineer. Collaborate with teammates and SimplyPut together to make smarter business decisions faster.

  • Data Graph and Chart

    Automated reports and insights

    Stay ahead of the game with AI reports and insights built on key business metrics. Get realtime, proactive solutions to any problem your business faces.

Step 3

Wherever work happens, SimplyPut is there

From instant insights in the conference room to conversational data inquiries in Slack, SimplyPut is by your side.

Does your business provide data services to customers? You can even add SimplyPut to your existing products and unleash the power of self-service AI data analytics across the board.

Step 4

At SimplyPut your data privacy is our top priority

Rest assured knowing that with SimplyPut you not only get trusted AI data analytics, you can also trust that your data is safe and secure.

  • AI Data Security Your data will never be used to train any generative AI models, both proprietary SimplyPut models and third-party models.

    Complete Data Privacy Any AI generated content is for your eyes only. No underlying customer data is stored in our encrypted production database.

    Data Compliant SimplyPut is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, ensuring high standards of security and data protection. All data within SimplyPut systems is encrypted at rest.

Get started unlock your data with SimplyPut